The New York Times reports that Harvard faculty is shocked that Harvard would search through their email to determine the source of a leak regarding a cheating scandal to the news media.

“I think what the administration did was creepy,” said Mary C. Waters, a sociology professor, adding that “this action violates the trust I once had that Harvard would never do such a thing.”

Why would anyone think that an organization would “never do such a thing”? I mean, yes, it’s creepy and it sucks, but that’s part of what it means to be employed in the 21st century: when you accept the use of their email systems, you are also signing away your privacy when it comes to what comes in to and out of that email address. Anyone who thinks something different is either naive or willfully ignorant of how email works.

In other news, I’m sure the Harvard folks can head over to MIT to learn how to send emails anonymously from a temporary Gmail account.

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